schools kill creativity

 "Education system has mined our minds in the way that we strip-mine the earth" - Sir Ken Robinson
Watch the video and you will know what I'm talking about

Note: Sir Ken Robinson is so funny he's like a stand up comedian

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Thank you for sharing this. He made me laugh! At the same time, I felt sad about the reality of this situation. What he said touched me on a personal level, because as a kid, my creativity was slaughtered alive by the "education" system. I used to be so passionate about art, but then I had to "grow up" and "get real" Slowly, I began focusing on my studies and forgot about art. Now I can't stop thinking about what could have been...
Anyway, I think all babies are born geniuses. Children need play more than they need education, because it goes against the child's nature to be told to sit in class and blend in with the rest.
It's even worse when they go to university where they're constantly criticized by professors with what I call 3uqad nafseya w amrath 3aqleya. No offence to professors, not all, but most of them are like that.
Most geniuses didn't exactly do well in school. Look at John Lennon as an example. He built The Beatles empire along with his partners, his legacy still lives on. He, was Dyslexic.
Me Blogging said…
Yes it is funny and sad at the same time

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