La Petite Maison - Dubai

شكرا للناس إللي نصحونا نروح مطعم
إستانسنا  على العشاء و الأكل كله كان لذيذ

Thank you guys for recommending La Petite Maison for us, We had a wonderful time and the food was delicious

موقعه في مركز دبي المالي

It is located in the Dubai Internationale Financial Center (DIFC)

بعض المقبلات كانت وايد لذيذه لدرجة إن من يحطون الصحن سيده طار ، ما مداني أصور شي لكم
أحلى شي من المقبلات كان 
Burrata with Tomatoes and Basil

Some of the appetizers were so good that we finished them the minute they were served, I didn't get the chance to take pictures for you
like the Burrata with Tomatoes and Basil - that was really tasty - 2 thumbs up

أحلى طبق كان  الـ
Rib Eye Steak

وإللي ماله سالفه و كان عادي الـ

Grilled Tiger Prawns

The best dish was the Entrecôte Grillée (Grilled Rib Eye Steak)

and the Grosses Crevettes Grillées (Grilled Tiger Prawns) comes in last

  الجييز كيك كانت حلوه بس يليت البسكوت أو قشرة الكيكه من تحت كانت أمتن ، أحب الأكل المقرمش

اهلي وايد عجبهم الـفرنج توست ويه البرد السبايسي - ذقت البرد غريب

I liked my cheesecake but I wished if the crust was thicker - I like my food crunchy

and my family liked the French Toast with spice ice cream dessert

هذا المطعم من بره - مدعوس 

The Restaurant from outside - hidden

For reservation call : 04 439 0505


Unknown said…
Oh god !! food looks delicious and the place is amazing !! Love the decoration !!
Please Take a look at my new buys, and feel free to comment !
Au natural said…
I can never get enough of it, but I haven't tried the Dubai branch yet <3
almzn said…
I reserved my table for tonight and I will go with your recommendation
Chizwa said…
I loved the place too! 3awafi
D said…
Hahahhaha meblogging loved your use of برد with all the modern dishes and exquisite destination of choice. Mooo mashya killish. Maayseeeer!
Me Blogging said…
Ginger: yes it was

Au natural:

almzn: hope u will like it

chizwa: allah y3afeech

D: :) lazim agool ice cream?
ehwa el akil obkobra ma yetarjam bel 3arabi
Anonymous said…
I really want to try it!! so many people have written about it!
almzn said…
check my visit to La petite Maison =) and i enjoyed it
Anonymous said…
ta7asaft gad sha3ar rasi ina ma re7tlaa o re7t caramel :( *cries* 3alekom bil3afia
May said…
It is my favorite restaurant in Dubai! Glad you loved it :)
NafNoof's said…
One of the top-of-the-list restaurents that u have 2 try while visiting Dar el 7ay ;)

You should try the tuna carpaccio and the warm chocolate mousse dessert!! AMAZING! w 3aleekom bl 3afya ;*

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