I'm in Beirut

أنا في بيروت - فندق لو غري

Le Gray Hotel - Beirut

قاعده أجرب كامرتي اليديده - نيكون دي 90

الألوان حلوه - وايد فيها أشياء ، ماله داعي تعديل بالصور

Trying out my new Nikon D90

Great vivid colors - no need for editing anymore

وايد حبيت الدار وسيعه و الفندق مكانه عجيب ، بالسوق ، يم فيرجن و السولودير نوصله بثواني

I liked the spacious room and that the hotel is in the city center (next to Virgin store) and a few seconds walk to the solidere


Nouf B said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nouf B said…
I lovvve your beirut posts.
looking forward to see more and cover new interesting places. enjoy!
-N from Beirut.
almzn said…
Enjoy you holiday in Beirut.. the hotel looks wonderful.. and the colors of the room are breaktaking *hugs*
Mr.Jovita said…
ive always wanted to visit beirut... awesome pictures n awesome room!
-new follower :)
Ganati said…
woow, love your post, & nice hotel modern style, enjoy your time in Beirut.
النوري said…
legray is an amazing chain the one in milan ymd7ona it was small bas this one is so spacy love it
Anonymous said…
مرحبا ميمي
انا على نار لأعرف كل شي عن مشوارك ببيروت

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