Ikat in blokat

شكله محلات الأقمشه (البلوكات) متابعين الموده

تقريبا كل المحلات هناك يايبين أقمشه أيكات

بالصوره قماش شريته بسويه بنطرون بجامه

It looks like that the fabric market here in Kuwait are following the latest trends
Almost all stores are carrying Ikat fabrics now

In picture is a fabric I bought to make a PJ pants


Unknown said…
The bag is TDF !!!
عجبتني هالموضة بشتري قطعه اسويه تنوره اذا مالقيت شي زاهب ..

وبالعافيه ..
sadia said…
cute! and you changed the shoes and the bag on your header! ^_^

's' is for sadia
Yona said…
I Love IKAT ! This year is the 3rd year of me using IKAT on my Kaftans never gets old ;) bas I love the color combination of that piece ! do u happen to have the shop's name ? lovely !
i luv Blookaat ! reminds me of ma'3arat ali baba: jems all around *sigh*
Hasnâa said…
This bag is a pure marvel. And I like this piece of tissue, it will be perfect for a Kaftan
【Aisha】 said…
Hello , Where can I find this fabrics in Dubai? plz plz
aaabayas said…
to Aisha
Dear sister, If you are really interested in IKAT in Dubai, I am the one who has this fabrics for sale and abayas that has been designed with IKAT fabrics. you can visit my page on facebook.com/aaabayas or drop me the line 0505082509


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