Hurrem Sultan @ FA Gallery

Lamp - approximately KD 120

Around KD 22

Beautiful dresses by Cloosh

بنات ، إذا قاعدين إدورون على نفانيف حفله ، هذي فرصتكم تلبسون شي غير ، من تركيا

Girls if you are looking for party dresses, this is your chance to look unique

prices around KD 500

Cloosh designer Selvin Parunakyan

Dress by 2wins

designed by Hande and Duygu twis sisters - reminds me of Manoush

KD 91

breath taking ring - collection by Cem Lokmanhekim

حسافه المره إللي يايبة الأغراض و المجوهرات كانت توها واصلة من المطار ، فطلعوا بعض الأغراض مو كلها ، باجر بيعرضونهم

عاد تدرون منو لبس هذي المجموعه  ، ضغطوا هني و راح تعرفون - أول صورتين بس

too bad the women carrying the jewels had just arrived from the airport - so we didn't get to see the whole collection - they will be viewing it tomorrow

prices around KD 100

Do you know who wore Cem collection? click here to find out - only the first 2 pictures


Engin Ozmen


Visit FA Gallery to see the items up close

Website: FA Gallery
Tel: 2249 8999
Location: Sharq, Block 2, Gulf road Villa 76 - in front of Ameri Hospital


هند said…
i love most of the staff
thank u for sharing

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