@ FashCode - Avenues Mall

أنا مليت من الجماجم بس هذي التي شيرت تينن مع اللون الأخضر الفاقع - وايد يجذب ا

موجوده بعد في سايت كركوشه بس مو نفس الألوان

I am sick of skulls but this I couldn't resist, the green bright color is soooo attractive

by E.vil, also available at Karkoosha - but not with the same colors available at Fashcode

Price tag - around KD 34

by Rachel Gilbert - I think KD 90 not sure

by IRO KD 145

also by Rachel Gilbert - but that one on sale

المحل موجود بالأفنيوز - يم أوتوركوا - بعد بروي محل اليهال

FashCode is located next to Uterque at the Avenues Mall - After Baroue Kids Store 


LadyB_Q8 said…
Haha I snapped the same pictures for the first t-shirt but I'm planning to talk about something else

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