Loved everything about it, except for the TV - it takes a long time to open it

Location: 5 minutes walk to Dubai Mall


fatma said…
Ur first pic is really amazing
almzn said…
i hope that you are enjoying your holiday in dubai excpet the Eid and dubai mall is so za7mma .. Ps.Enjoy it to the max

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Anonymous said…
dubaai dar il7aaay, ya 7ibbi lahaa , enjoy every second :D
Ansam said…
Enjoy Dubai! I stayed at the same hotel and reviewed it a while back, some people wondered why I liked it! I LOVED it
Me Blogging said…
:) yes I did enjoy my time, thank you

and ansam :) you covered everything in the room , that was my parents room, madre laish ohma 3endehom 7amam zyada o e7na la ? as if we need it :p

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