Brgr Co. - Beirut

أمي تحب بلوق مشموم ، فقبل لا نيي بيروت خذت عناوين كل المطاعم إللي جربتهم مشموم و حبتهم
الهمبورجر كانت زينه ، بس مو شي أموت علي
البطاط ما كان حلو ، في دهن وايد
يليتني كليت همبورجرتين بدال البطاط

My mom loves Mashmoom's blog, so before coming here to Beirut she took the address's of all the restaurants Mashmoom's tried and like.
one of them was Brgr Co.
The Burger was fine - but its not something to die for
We didn't like their fries it was too oily
I wished I had 2 burgers instead of the fries


المكان: شارع عبدالوهاب الإنجليزي - المطعم بالضبط جدام مطعم عبد الوهاب

لمزيد من المعلومات : إضغط هنا

It is located in Abdulwahab Al-Englizi Street - right infront of Abdulwahab restaurant

For more info click here


Lulu said…
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Lulu said…
me 2 re7tlaa 3ogeb mashmoom ! bs sar7a ta7asaft ini thai3ait wajba 3aleeh ! ilakel 3adi m6a3em il bugergs bel kuwait waid a6yab !
etha et7bon burgers u must try roadster diner ! ilga3da agal mn 3adiya bs ilakel waid 6ayeb, waid egreb yamkom 2 mins walking mn le gray.
oo don't miss alfalamnki breakfast & pual jumaiza 6b3an,
oo if u like Indian food try yasmina "Indian fusion"!
enjooy the lovely weather in Beirut !
Nouf B said…
the best restaurant in beirut that i promise u wont regret is La Table Fine in Jouineh esp if you like seafood. 09919666
for a good burger and fries, try the four seasons, the 2nd floor lounge. i like it! and of course the famous Bob's at ABC.
sadia said…
looks delicious!!
hope you're having fun xx

's' is for sadia

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