Wedding Dresses

وااااااي يشوقوووووووون - شوفوا شنو لقيت على مدام سووكغ بلوق

إضغط هنا لمزيد من الصور

للطلب إتصل على


OMG look what I found at Madame Sucre blog - click here for more images

for orders call 99515599


Sn3a said…
شزيينهم خساره ينوكلون ;p

تسلمين وتسلم ايدها
I'd rather have a Barbie cake! lol
bs 9ij nafs fikrat elBarbie cake. Barbie cake looks better with an actual person wearing the gown.

I think you can order these bridal dress cakes custom made from any bakery here in Kuwait. I have an even more original idea: Bridal gown AND Bisht cupcakes! Isn't that cute or what?
Madame Sucre said…
Thanks alot for the sweet comments & post <3

Madame Sucre xoxo
Dear Romeo said…
حلوين حق التوزيعات بالعرس
Me Blogging said…
Sn3a: ee walla 7asafa

asdfghjkl zxcvbnm:
Barbie Cake?? kilish la
but totaly loved the Bisht capcakes thats nice
did you read that Madame Sucre?

Dear Romie: ya they are , bes law shway asghar
Madame Sucre said…
Dear Romeo & me blogging yes they come in itsy bitsy fancy cake size .. Those ones shown here are cupcakes :))

Oh and bisht cupcake that would be super cute :))

Thanks alot xoxo

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