Soccer Scene

أخوي (يدرس بره) طلب منا نشتري تي شرتات منتخب الكويت لكرة القدم حق ربعه بره  و قال لنا روحوا سوكر سين إللي بالأفنيوز
طبعا أنا نمت لما 8:30 ، تاخر الوقت مو مال اروح الافنيوز و الشوارع زحمه
فقلت ليش ما أدور أون لاين يمكن ألقاهم ، وفعلا طلع عندهم محل أون لاين إضغط هنا
بس للأسف المقاس الكبير مو موجود :(
فالبحث مستمر

My brother (who is studying abroad) asked us to send him some t-shirts of Kuwait soccer team for his friends abroad. He told us that we might find them at Soccer Scene store at the Avenues Mall. I was planning to go today but I over slept and it was late, specially that the traffic is crazy before Ramadan. So I was like, maybe they have an online store, and it turned out they do huh :) nice
but unfortunately they don't carry large sizes of Kuwait league t-shirts
ohhh well the search is still on


alfahahy said…
embarak 3alaich ilshahar :)
try i believe they have them.
Me Blogging said…
thank you

but mum just went to soccer scene and bought the medium size anyway :)

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