Tom Binns  إيحائي من 

Inspired by Tom Binns

رحت التراث الهندي و شريت طقم تراتشي و قلب بــ 15 دينار كويتي

Went to Indian Heritage in the Fabric market and got me a set of earrings and necklace for K.D. 15

و يبدي الرش
طبعا اللون الأصفر الفسفوري مو راضي يمسك ، طلع شفاف ، فرشيت فوقه  البنفسجي ، طلع يلوع الكبد

and now I start spraying ....
The yellow neon color was transparent, it didn't stick well, so I applied purple on top , yaaak

اللون البنفسجي بروحه وايد احلى ، جنه يبيله طبقه ثانية؟

The purple by its self is much nicer, I think it needs another coat of color

ما راح ألبسها اخاف على أذوني تلتهب ، بس كانت تجربة عشان أعرف النتيجة شلون بتكون ، و ألحين التطبيق على القلب ... هذا إللي بلبسه

Of course I won't be wearing the earrings, I'm afraid to get an infection, it was a trail to see the result

now I will spray the necklace , this is what I'm going to wear

أراويكم النتيجه لما أسوي

will show you the result when its over


Unknown said…
This is a great DIY !! Can't wait to see the necklace !!
Anonymous said…
That's very creative! They sort of remind me of the Lanvin for H&M necklace. Can't wait to see the end results!


Only a true fashionista would think of such a thing! Meblogging your creativity is limitless!
You could have bought a one color necklace and then spray it with one color randomly. That way you could get that Tom Binns effect.
Also, I think they sell rare vintage looking and ethnic stuff in the Indian Heritage place. A perfect destination if you want to look original and stand out ;)
LeMoO_80 said…
eyanin mashallaaah ! fannanaaa
LeMoO_80 said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said…
cant wait to see the result ..
farah said…
Hey! I did this with 2 necklaces (maybe should share the DIY on my blog?) so I'll give you a tip if you don't mind: Neon nail polish. You can use as many colors as you want, they are currently easy to find, and they are more precise :)
Meme said…
this is a very nice idea it looks great but i would recommend for the earings u wouldn't use spray paint acralic or other type of paint where u use a brush would be better to get the exact result as ur insperation and ur ears wouldn't get a rash ;)

an anonymous reader
LadyB_Q8 said…
Check it out here :)
LJ said…
i actually recently did the same thing, but i got 2 cheap necklaces from claire's and colored the gems with bright nail polish! it sticks really well and looks great :)
xx- LJ

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