Le Notre Ghabga

مشكورين لونوتر على هذي الغبقة الحلوه إللي جمعتوا فيها كل البلوقات البنات ، كانت ليله ممتعه

و مشكوره انسام على ترتيبها

تشرفت بمعرفتكم يا بنات

في صور وايد ، تابعوني

Thank you Le Notre for inviting us girl bloggers, we had a wonderful night

and thank you Ansam for organizing all of this

nice meeting you girls

more pictures to come ...



HessandCo. said…
love the food presentation .. mashallah! <3

xx Hessa
Euphoria said…
Is this a dress or a skirt? Love it!
Toomzie said…
it was great meeting you and had a lovely time ;* looking forward to your post :D
Dear Romeo said…
waiting for the pics ;)
bl3afya 3laikom
Me Blogging said…
yes it was lovely

I think it was a dress :\
walla yemkin skirt - madre laish fe bali lazgeen :p

F.J. Bliss:
Nice meeting you too :)

Dear Romeo:
coming in 15 min.
Unknown said…
عليكم بالعافيه ان شاء الله
Ansam said…
As usual... and as I always tell you, I cant wait for your posts :D It was great having you with us last night :*
7ajiDude said…
ahhh I love this post .. food but with style ;) Thanks Me blogging :*
amna said…
MR7BAH....TODAY WE WENT TO TRY le notre ghabga:) it was nice and we all love it ... thanks dear :)

Me Blogging said…
Bel3afya :)

glad you liked it

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