Je voudrais une ghreybaa

I invited my friend Luna to write in the blog, as to me she always has interesting and exciting stories to tell

So below is her post:

Paris offers the crème de la crème of patisseries, each with its signature dessert. The Ispahan at Laduree, the olive oil and vanilla macarons at Pierre Herme, the chocolates cigars at Jean-Paul Hevin, and the Mont Blanc at Angelina's are all simply divine.

Now there is a new dessert in town and its ghreybaa!! In Paris?! Yes, the French are  queuing up for ghreybaas & baklawas specifically at La Bague de Kenza, an Algerian patisserie. This patisserie is filled with mounds of oriental and north African delicacies and is available at Rue St. Honore and at Printemps Food Hall, next to Laduree.

Who knew ghreybaa would be the Dessert Du Jour?


Madame Sucre said…
I totally agree! If you noticed I even included it in our Ramadan Madame Sucre Arabian Nights Menu..
Quraibah designed beautifully as a cameo brooche.. It's traditional yet so very NOW in fashion :) happy to see that the French agree!!
Madame Sucre said…
Incase you'd like to see our Quraibah it's on our blog
Chizwa said…
J'adore l'idee! Et j'ai tellement envie de manger tout ce qu'il ya..... Yum yum
HessandCo. said…
looks so good!

Me Blogging said…
Madame: nice

Chizwa: wait ... (clicking on google translate) ohhh yahhh it all look delicious :)
Unknown said…
wow !! Nice post, Ghreba is a famous patisserie here in Morocco, and it's not very expensive ! So funny to know it's a success in France !!
Madame Sucre said…
Only when the French touch something they make it into gold ;)
almzn said…
When I was in Paris I tried those jaza2ry sweets in printemps .... They are to die for yuuumi abaaa now (take me to Paris)
Ganati said…
نحن كل ما نروح باريس لازم نحلي من عندهم ٠٠٠حلاوتهم عجييييبه

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