Friends Gathering

From Fortune Cookie Boutique - but its sold out now

will be available soon at Fortune Cookie Boutique

follow them to know when @FortunecookieQ8

لذيييييييييييذ ، يمكن شكله عادي ، بس كان مو طبيعي

في مارشملو و شي الله العالم شنو بس كان طعمه قريب من الكتكات

وايد يشبهني ، انا احب هذا النوع من الحلو

Thank you mother of pearl

Brown Diamond Chocolate

Tel: 97767111


Unknown said…
The first dress is unbelievable !!
Mashallah !!
Anonymous said…
أول دراعة تجننننننننننننن ماشاء الله ... تحفة فنية

Noor said…
wayed 7ilwen! do you have a zoomed pic of the blue one lonha wayed 7ilo eshwayeg
Toomzie said…
I agree with Lamia, the first dress is GORGEOUS! Mashalla :)
Pure said…
may i ask min wain her silver heels? i need a pair :/
mimi said…
wooow mashallah mako wa7da mo 7elwa,,bas plzzz el necklace elly fe a5er pic elly chenhom msabe7 men ween??? the one with the hamsa hand and also the others?? wella hathool msabee7???plz i was looking for a long time for that kind
Yanya said…
Love the outfits dear....great blog!
marwa said…
ana 3ajabny ma3on al7ilow

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