Espresso Cups

By reCYCLEd - click here

أووه عاد انا ألحين فتحت إتسي ...ما أصكه
ينييت على مجموعه فناجين القهوه إللي عندهم

Ohhh now I'm in Etsy, I can't close it
I went crazy over the espresso cups they carry

By Foldedpigs - click here

عندهم صحون بعد
انا ادري منو راح يعجبه هذي المجموعه - لوكال تييز

They have plates too - picture below
I know who would love this collection - Local Tees

By Jeez Vanilla - click here


sadia said…
hehehe! etsy can be so addictive!
localtees said…
ilsara7a we loved them all :) !! it was funny reading that Local Tees will love them, cause it got my attention looking at them and then reading about us hahaha thank you :P
Me Blogging said…
Localtees: ee your style :)

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