Private Tasting at November Bakery

Bibi and Jude Hayat - owners of The November Company - was kind enough to invite me and my sister to try out their new  menu in thier new location at Al-Tilal Complex (inside the tunnel area of Al Tilal Complex right across Natuzzi.) The place is not yet open to the public , but it will soon enshallah


The whole idea behind this dessert menu, is being able to get small portions of cake whenever you crave one instead of buying the whole thing.

Bibi and Jude informed us of what's available (around 15 kinds of desserts) and then let us choose what we want to eat. Once that is done, they write down the names of our choices on a form for evaluation.

and now the tasting begins ....ummmm yummy

My favorites:

1- Peanut butter brownie - I call it "Sticky Mocha" as it has a mocha flavor in it

2- The cookie - I suggested to call it "October Cookie" as the letter O represent the round shape of  a cookie - you think they will go for it? naaaah , but anyways I enjoyed naming them

3- The Earl Grey cupcake - that was something - I liked the feeling of tiny sugar in the frosting and the strange yet delicious flavor of tea (picture below)

Bibi Hayat explaining


loved the python pants - I need a pair

If you didn't prepare something for your anniversary or for a bridal shower you are organizing, go get this cute (bride and groom) doll and place it on any cake you want

we really enjoyed our time with you

it was a pleasure meeting you Bibi and Jude and get to know the people behind this amazing work


Blog: November Blog - I LOOOOOVE their blog, make sure to check it out

ملاحظة: الترجمة بالعربي إنشاء الله باكر

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