Marshmallow Cake

One of my readers saw the Marshmallow cake in one of our Friday Gatherings post and asked for the reciepe. She is living abroad so she doesn't have the famous cooking books of Kuwait Flour Mills & Bakeries Company, or maybe she has them , but she doesn't have Volume 6.

here you go Shosha


shosha said…
Thank u soooooo much hun ;***
Butterfly Chick said…

thanks for sharing :)
Zoz said…
3ad does it taste good ?!
I'm planning to do it in ramadan! easy and quick! :)
Me Blogging said…
Shosho : el3afo

Zoz: it is delicious specialy when its hot - a9lan shlon btan6ereen lain rmuthan to do it??? e7na kil ma shtahaina sawain - do it now
Zoz said…
Hahaha ,,, thanx for your comment! will do it soon ;)