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The Man

So, it's the man trend this season


OMG cross dressing is like sooo hot right now!
... not really.
y9eer rayal (straight. I am NOT talking about people who are gay. I am talking about straight men and straight women.)sh6oolah sh3irtha yroo7 eldewaniyah labis corset and heels?
itha E > fa elrajul elkuwaiti ra7 yste7ee 3ala wayha o ma ra7 ysaweeha l2ana bilnisbah lah 3aib.
itha la2 > lesh? I thought it's a trend!?

OMG I am so confused! lesh kil shay 9ar ma3koos chithi :(
... wait a minute, who controlls the fashion industry?
Ahaaaa 3ashan chithee... okaaaay.
Me Blogging said…
Ba3ad khali9at el afkar - hatha el 6ala3aw fe :)
e7na sh3alenah minhom o min afkarhom? O lesh a9lan na6reenhom y7adidoon lina shnalbis?
Hal ohma befakroon 3annah mathalan?
I believe that fashion/ style/ the way we dress is simply self explanatory. ya3nee n3abir 3an nafsna o mu3taqadatna, mo mu3taqadat.hom.
O itha afkarhom khli9at, fa afkarna ellie mustamadah min deena ma tkhali9. L2anha 9al7a lkil mokan o zman.
For example, I really liked what you did with that leopard Zara dress you wore for one of your Friday gatherings. Masha2allah kanat fekra thakeya w mumayaza b9ara7a.
:) Ella al2amam meblogging
-na3am liltaqadom.
-la liltakhalof.
Me Blogging said…
U said it - style o kil wa7id o styla - o 7ilo elwa7id explores different things and get inspired min kil mukan - and u know its a big industry take what suits u
Mariam said…
banaat banaaat banaaat ,, shfekoom ? etha antaw malkom shghl fehom o madri shno chan ma t2thr lbsna altqled o kl wa7da thalt b 3abaya o bokhng !!!

ohma stylhom ywalm be2t'hom o mjtam3hom akthaw alzain mnhom o khalaw alshen ! GmbH

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