Ibrah by Alaa

 تعاونت إبره مع صانعة الكروشي الماهره آلاء للعمل على مجموعه من الحقائب مستوحاه من موضه هذا الموسم للكروشي
الآن المجموعة الجديدة متوفره لدي هدية ستيشن

 Ibrah has collaborated with the talented crochet maker Alaa to created an amazing collection of bags inspired by this season’s crochet trend
Now you can find the latest bags of Ibrah by Alaa on Hadeya Station

Ibrah on Twitter


sadia said…
are these only available in white?
Me Blogging said…
Yes this style is only available in white - there is another one in red if u saw it in the what's new section at hadeya station
sadia said…
alright! thanks :)

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