The Henna Glove Trend

Drawing by Liz Ging

لز عندها شهادة معتمده في رسم من
و عندها بلوق إضغط هنا تحط في صور تصاميم الحنا في مختلف أنحاء الهالم ، مثل في الإمارات ، مصر الصومال

لز دزتلي إيميل تسألني عن حنا الدسوس إللي صارت هبة بالكوبت و كتبت هذا البوست عنها

بس قالت في بوستها إنها ما تشجع إستخدام الحنه السوده ، لما سألتها ليش جان تقول لأنها صبغ شعر أسود مخلوطة مع شوية حنا
و هذا مو زين يمكن يأثر على اليلد و إن بعض الناس يمكن تييهم حساسية قوية و ينتفخ اليلد
و عطتني مواقع حق المهتم بالموضوع

Liz is an ICNHA certified henna artist, she posts in her blog  Sweetfern Studio henna designs from different parts of the world like designs from UAE, Egypt and Somaliya.

Liz contacted me regarding the henna glove trend and wrote a post about it click here

She mentioned in her post that she doesn't promote black henna, when I asked her the reason why? this is what she had to say:

" As you may know, "black henna" is not really henna at all. Henna is made from leaves of the henna plant, whereas (black henna) is made from black hair dye, also known as PPD or paraphenaldyamine. Sometimes the black hair dye is mixed with real natural henna.

It is very dangerous to put PPD on the skin. Some people experience an allergic skin reaction, including inflammation, blistering, swelling, and scarring. particularly the kidney and liver.
Here are a couple links with information:

Basic information about black henna Link
here are links to two medical reports on black henna Link # 1 , Link # 2



Anonymous said…
Thanks for sharing this!! :)
Liz (from Sweetfern Studio Henna)

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