اليوم رحنا زين للإتصالات عشان نشوف رصيد أمي  لمكالماتها ، توه راده من السفر و دفعت فاتورتها كاملة ، جان يدزون مسج و يقولون بعد بقالك 45 دينار لازم تدفعينها !!! شلون؟ من وين

بعدين إكتشفنا إن إذا إستخدمنا فيس تايم عن طريق الأيفون يحسب فلوس ، يحسبها جنه مكالمه ، الدقيقة بـ 75 فلس
حتى لو أمي ما عندها خدمت إ نترنت مع زين  يحسب ، وحتى لو شابكين واي فاي بالبيت
دام شبكة زين مفتوحه بيحسب

فشنو نسوي؟

 settings  نروح

 on هذا نحطه  Airplane Mode  و في شي إسمه 


Today we went to Zain to see why my mum still have bills to pay for her mobile although she paid all the amount listed.

Then we understood from the salesman that using facetime via iPhone costs money - 1 minutes costs 75 fils. Althoug my mum doesn't have an internet service on her phone and that she uses the WiFi at home when talking to us via facetime it still costs her money.

what to do?

go to Setting and switch the Airplane Mode (On)


هني شبكة زين تطفي (بالصوره فوق على اليسار كلمه زين تتبدل بشكل الطيارة  - يعني ماكو شبكة ) ، جذي التلفون يكون بس شابك على الإنترنت بالبيت  ، و تصير المكاله ببلاش
ما كنا ندري ، قصه هل الأجهزة

By doing that we are switching the network (Zain) off and using only the internet at home
and now it will not cost a thing

دخلنا زين أون لاين و تبين إن الفلوس كانت لمكالمات صارت ووصلت للتلفون ، بس ماكو دليل إن فيستايم بفلوس 
الشي الوحيد الموجود غريب إن الإنترنت تم إستخدامه و تكلفته 1.600 ، شويه المبلغ بس أنا ما كنت أدري إن يحسب إذا الواحد ما عنده خدمة إنترنت ،لأن اول و تالي بنشبك على الواي فاي ليش بفلوس؟؟

Update: we have checked the detailed bill on Zain online and it appears that they are all incoming and outgoing calls for the period of July (and roaming cost aloooot) - but still no evidence that Facetime has been charged to the account or not
The strange thing, that there were a mobile internet usage that costs 1.600 KD that's not much - but again - I thought using internet is free since my mum has no internet service with Zain and she is connected to the WiFi service at home!!!???

I will never understand these charges


Ansam said…
ana 3indi moshkila thania... el facetime option ma gaam ye6la3li khair shar!!!!
Zeecu said…
This is absolutely incorrect, the salesman very possibly did not know what he was talking about :-(

What he was referring to was GSM video calls, which cost 75 fils per minute and are NOT supported on iPhone. They are a completely different technology than FaceTime (Facetime uses internet or mobile data, not GSM video call)

Also, Facetime uses WiFi only (unless you added extra software hacks to enable it over mobile data, which does not sound like the case here).
Blogger said…
هذا اللي عطاج هالمعلومه مايفهم شي بالتكنلوجيا للأسف
Airplane mode
يخلي تلفونج مايربط بالنت خير شر
لا وأي فاي ولا غيره
واذا تبين توقفين شبكة الكويت تروحين
Then off to enable 3G
And off to cellular data
Me Blogging said…
Ansam: weee ma adre ba3ad hatha shino salfita

I think you are right, but like what programs that uses GSM? Skype?

You are right - but then I went to Wi Fi and opened it after turning on the airplane mode.
Its so confusing
and im using only wifi right now - no zain
Marwa™ said…
Ansam : lama shareet my iPhone 4 from Q8 same thing happen when I updated to the newer version ! kan min awal duf3at el iPhone ely we9alat elq8 o emsawen lock 3ala feature elfacetime because of KSA and UAE ! o galaw 3anhum bil a5bar! so bi3ta o shareet mine from UK o mirta7a el7mdlella.

Meme : mo 9a7ee7 hal kalam! 6ool 3omry garga weya ahali bil facetime ma 3umra 7asab fils wa7ed 3alai cuz it does connect via WiFi connection not via the Carrier ! The guy u spoke with is idiot! ma yadry ween allah ga6a !

next time when you travel do this:

Settings >> General >> Network >> Cellular Data (Turn it off)

Make sure that your Data Roaming is turn off also.

Turn you WiFi on when you are in public places and have free WiFi.

o chethy ma ra7 yashbik jihazech ela fe any place has free or public WiFi so you won't be charged at all 3ala ashya2 zyada only for ur roaming calls and sms messages :)

o el7mdlellah 3ala salamat elwalda :)

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