Facetime is free

Short Version

facetime is free and all charges are roaming calls
internet service comes by default , will be removed by calling 107

Long Version

I will try to make this as simple as possible

Mum received a bill for KD 95

She paid it all

Then she got another bill for KD 42

How come???!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She just paid

Went to nearest Zain branch, they printed a bill showing only total of calls, no detail

We asked the salesman does using Facetime costs money - he answered Yes

@@ We panicked and didn't know what to do

Went back home, and checked the detail of the KD 42 via Zain online

It appears that most of the KD 42 is incoming and outgoing calls , except for a strange KD 1.600 for mobile internet usage, where the phone has no internet service. I posted my findings last night and surprisingly I received a call from Zain explaining what might be the case, and confirmed that Facetime does not cost a thing , also they were kind enough to check out my mum's account. Below is part of the email they sent me explaining the matter:

Your Moms phone is working fine, but as we explained this morning. Every line comes with internet. (Pay as you go) where you can call 107 and remove it. But again all the 1.600 KD charges are local and mainly due to any application on the iPhone using internet. Such as WhatsApp or any other application. All the other charges are correct. No roaming Data usage.

We did some modification to the system where you can remove the internet and still keep the MMS working.

Thank you Mohammad Al-Muhaini



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