Dip dyed hair

I'm loving this trend


Nia said…
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FourMe said…
I remember i did that back in 2000 when it was a hit. my hair was brown with blondish edge, was fabulous.

p.s. This trend will destroy the ends of the hair, where was bleched must be chopped off when you're bored of it, dont even bother colouring it a darker shade.
bs bshoof wayh omi lma tshof sh3ri chthi xD !
AKF said…
I had this for a while. I did green, blue, purple, and pink all at different times. I loved it but it fades extremely quickly, only the purple stays for ages. After a while you can see the blonde/bleach.

It's fun to have though!
justnoon said…
7ilo for parties

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