القطاوة عايشين يم الدريشه فوق بالدار


Wow feeni bachya! So sweet. Allah ykhalee kil el2omahat 7ag 3yalhum.
Meblogging, On behalf of all the 3atawyas on the street, I thank you for not kicking them out and not bothering them. And 3u2bal your cat as well. (I remember seeing a picture of an indoor cat on your blog.)
Me Blogging said…

the cat is my cousin's

I'm allergic to cats :(
Just A Bunch said…
awwwwww I loooooove kitties! I always go like this whenever I see a picture of them or real ones in the street. Kitties are such precious animals, people don't always get to see that.

Thanks for letting them stay there even when you're allergic!

Have you read my kitty post? If you love cats (or animals in general) then you'd enjoy it, I hope you read it and share your thoughts!

p.s: I couldn't figure out how your window is like..? That isn't a window, is it?
Me Blogging said…
:) we built another room on the other side that is why you see a big wall infront of it
asoolty said…
Poor Kittens!!! It is so hot outside, I think shes keeping close to the window to stay bit cold ;( I love that creature hope everyone be more gentle and offer food and water
Just A Bunch said…
@me bloggine:


@ asoolty:

yeah, kitties do that in the summer; they seek windows and doors so that they can feel the cool air of the ACs inside, ba3ad 3omry wallah! <3
Mariam said…
ugh betna 9air mostshfa welada 7ag hal g6awa kl yomen y6l3 group yded o kla lazgen 3nd bab al6al3a >.<"
Unknown said…
sooooo cute <3

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