Ramadan Collection

وناسة ، وصلتني دعوه من محل فورجن كوكي بوتيك  لمجموعة درعات رمضان
حدي متشوقه أشوفهم - ما شريت شي السنه ، ناطرة مجموعتهم

Got my invitation to Fortune Cookie's  Ramadan Daraa' Collection
I'm so excited - I didn't buy anything for Ramadan - waiting for their collection

لقيت جم صوره في بلوقهم ،عجيتني الدراعه إللي فوق بالصوره
شوفوا باجي الصور هني - إضغط هنا

Found some pictures of the collection at Fortune Cookie's blog - I liked this one above
Click here to see more


سارة said…
we missed ur posts , where have u been ;)
Me Blogging said…
:) busy - ared el bait kila mafene 7ail akteb
Unknown said…
Very good choice my dear, this dress is amazing !!
I attended Rotana Café Agadir opening ceremony, met Rotana stars. Take a look at my last post, hope you'll like it!!!
Anonymous said…
i got an invitation too :)

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