Zara - Geneve

وااااي كل ما أقول بس خلاص ماني شارية شي من زارا يطلعون شي أحلى من إللي قبله
هذي الجنطة مع الجوتي كلش ما تتطوف
تينن ، بعد ليش يشبه لانفا بطريقة الطباعه (حية على كانفس) فلأ ، ما أقدر أقاوم
زارا .... بدعتوا السنه

Offfff every time I say its going to be the last time I buy a thing from Zara, they come up with an amazing piece that I can't resist not to buy
Those 2 items are a must have
specially that snake skin printed on canvas, just like Lanvin, that's so amazing
Zara ... you have outdone yourself this season, Bravo

Lanvin snake skin Shoes - click here to buy

Lanvin canvas Ballerinas - click here to buy

Lanvin printed cotton bag - click here to buy

:تلقون لانفا بعد على السايتات المذكورة تحت
also you could find Lanvin in the following online stores below:


dashing-diva said…
Right zara's been amazing this year. Waiting for ur posts about ur trip .
Anonymous said…
عليج بالعافية

حدم عجيبين

بس هذا من الكويت؟ و إذا من الكويت بجم
star said…
hi 3alich bel 3afyah :)

ee today I saw the shoes in zara avenues bas ana 7aramet ashtree flats or even any type shoes min zara 3awaqaw reyolii X/
LadyB_Q8 said…
7loo el flat, 3alaij bel3afya ;)
Me Blogging said…
alla y3afeekom, sharaita min Geneve, ana still hni ma rdaiat, kan el mafrooth akteb bel title

o dashing-diva: mako shay akteba about my trip here, coz its mostly relaxing, cleaning, cooking, ironing :p little shopping fa ya3ni, maybe today i have some new stuff from Geneve, stay tuned
Sn3a said…
مايكل كورس منزل اشيا تينن!!
نفس هالجلد
Anonymous said…
tara ako farg between the two pairs of shoes ;p
mla7then? hatha fyonkita na6a wil thani mako fyonka ;p

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