Swatch Collection - Geneve

سواتش مسوين معرض حق كل ساعاتهم من اول ما بدوا - سنة 1983
المكان على الجسر في جنيف
ضغطوا هني ، يمكن إذا شفتوا الصوره تعرفون المكان
Cité du Temps SA
CH-1204 Geneva
Phone: +41 22 818 39 00

Swatch exhibition showing all their watches from 1983 until today
It was held in the Cite du Temps , the place on the bridge, if you know where that is

هذي اول ساعة شريتها، أظن كانت 1984

That was my first swatch - I think it was from 1984

أوووه هذي مت و انا أدورها  ما لقيتها إسمها الخروف الاسود

Ohhhh that watch, I looked every where for it, its called black sheep

أذكر شريت السير ، بس المهم يصير عندي شي منها ، و الخروف الأسود موجود

 I remember buying the strap although I don't have the watch, I just want to see that little black sheep

وناسة نشوف كل الساعات إللي عندنا من اول ما بدوا ، أذكر كل سنة كنت لازم أشتري وحده غريبه ، شكلي براويكم المجموعه إللي عندي لما أرد الكويت، وقفنا نشتري بسنه 2000 ، هني إللي بدوا يملقونها ماكو شي حلو و له مبتكر

It was fun seeing some of our swatches on display, I remember every year I had to buy a strange looking one, I should show you my collection when I get back to Kuwait, we stopped buying them at 2000, they have nothing interesting at that time

مادري ليش مو فاتحين القهوة داخل ، قعدتهم حلوه

nice looking coffe place, don't know why its not open

أكو معرض لوحات بعد ، شكلهم مبتدئيين

there is another exhibition, looks like young artists showing their work

That was called (What is a nightmare is made of?)
don't know by whom
of course this is the artist interpretation of the famous painting Girl with a pearl earring by Vermeer - 1665


tulip said…
gud morning
waaaai sej thakartena b ayam al swatch Allah yethakrej bl shahada yarrrrab....
ayam safe way....
mn kether ma 7ebhom athker 7eta 3la maryool al mdresa saweeet...
Bon vouyage:)
Bin3agul said…
the cafe was Arthur's restaurant. wayed 7iloo try it itha lail7en fatiz
Anonymous said…
I have the bleach sheep watch :p and I'm saving it for my children when they grow up ;)
Anonymous said…
Oops...Black I meant
Anonymous said…
oooolaaa etha sharya ilsa3a senat 1984 akeed 3omrich 1000 o 3ayoooz ;p
Anonymous said…
living in Geneva, I was invited to an event just this past Friday. very nice
Shayouma said…
hmmm madri 3anna walla but i'll check it out. I had some swatches before but i can't remember them o I didn't keep them :(
Alya said…
I remember my obsession with Swatch! They always made colorful print ones.

By the way, where is this cafe? We want to try out new places this summer in Geneve.
Me Blogging said…
Alya: you know the bridge that takes u from starbucks to christian louboutin? The place in on that bridge

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