Sunday - Geneve

كان موت برد ، وصلت درجة الحرارة 10

It was freezing - it dropped down to 10 C

أحب نقعد بالقهاوي إللي وره السوق

Love going to the coffee shops behind the shopping area in Geneva

و أوكل الطيور ، بس ما قدرنا نقعد مدة طويله من المطر و البرد

and feed the birds, but couldn't stay there for long because of the rain and cold

أي باد كيس من سارة باغ

iPad's case by Sarah's Bag

Colie & Co
4 Place du Bourg-de-F our
Phone: + 41 0 22 310 01 42




أرمس بيفتحون محل أكبر في نفس الشارع أللي أهمه في

Hermes is going to open a bigger boutique in the same street as their current one


Bo_hubash said…
يذكرني لما كنت اهناك كنا نقول طرارينهم الطيور كل ما ادش مطعم الطيور قبلك قاعدين وناسه والله
Anonymous said…
Hi, I love your blog!!
Do you recommend going to Amsterdam in the summer? because I'm thinking of a place to go, and the pictures you post look so good! Ya3ney is Amsterdam nice, walla mostly shopping?? l2na shaklah min the pictures you post wayed seya7a akthar :-) thank you w mabrook 3alla ur amazing blogg!
Anonymous said…
Oh god I got goosebumps by just looking at the pictures. Feed all the duckies and birds 3anni.

Anonymous said…
ahhh geneve , i am in love to you geneve .... i will be there inshalla next month :) i go there every year...hope to see you there ..:)

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