Schilliger Garden Center

اليوم رحنا محل الزرع - شيليغر (ما أظن صح بالعربي)  شوفوا الفيديوا . كلش ما توقعت تصوير البلاك بيري جذي مو  واضح ، ما أظن راح أصور فيه مره ثانية حق البلوق

Today we went to Schiliger - the garden place - watch the video, I thought the BlackBerry video quality would be better than this. I don't think I will use it for the blog again

Schiliger that we went to was in:
Route Suisse 40
CH-1196 GLAND (VD)
Tél. 022 354 44 44


Anonymous said…
The garden looks amazing.
I agree with you, the blackberry doesn't have a good quality camera for videos, or even pictures.
If ur looking for a good camera with video, My camera is great.
It is Nikon D3100.
I noticed that you have a Cannon, and I have to say Nikon wayed arya7.
Love the blog.. keep doing what your doing cuz its great.
From: the coolest person in the world :-)
Shayouma said…
I love schilliger <3
If you want a phone with a good quality video, use your iPhone it's better than the BB
Anonymous said…
they have a wonderful home store in geneva and lausanne. try to visit them .
bonnes vacances

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