Palazzina Grassi Hotel in Venice

قريت وايد عن هذا الفندق - بلاتسينا غرازي - قبل لا يفتح
و هذا تقييم له لمدون تركي إسمه سنان إضغط هنا
إللي عجبني في أنه فندق مودرن في فينيسيا ، و هذا نادرا ما الواحد يلقاه هناك ، كله فنادقهم على الموديل الكلاسيكي 

I read a lot of Palazzina Grassi Hotel before it's opening  
Here is a review of the place by a Turkish blogger, Sinan
I loved that its a modern hotel in Venice, which is a very hard thing to find in there


Purgatory said…
Your posts are an eye opener for me about Europe, keep them coming,
style Muse said…
Hi Me blogging :) 7amdella 3ala salama..I enjoy reading your hotels recommendations
I have a kind suggestion :) can you please add a link to all the beautiful hotels you wrote about categorized by city for us to go throw them cuz they are amazing :)

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