The Motorcycle Adventures

تذكرون الثلاث كويتين إللي بلفون العالم على دراجاتهم النارية؟

حسين أشكناني
علي البيرمي
و مهند السلطان   

رحلتهم الثانية إلى جنوب أفريقيا بدت في الاول من إبريل و إللي فوق ، واحد من الفيديووات إللي منزلينها في بلوقهم كوكبنا المشترك لما كانوا في كينيا

 تابعوهم هنا 

Remember the three Kuwaiti men who wanted to travel the world with their motorcyclists?

Hussain Ashkanani
Ali Al-Bairami
Muhanad Al-Sultan

Well their second trip to Africa began in April, and above is one of the videos they uploaded in their blog Our Shared Planet when they were in Kenya

Follow their adventure here 


Ramez said…
yah they are a part of Kuwait Riders Group, you can check their location and their status also through our fanpage:

also check this album, we had a ride with them up to Al Salmi Borders:
Ramez said…
also they were supposed to spend 60 days down to South Africa, but they had a major issues in their bikes which the rear suspension of their 3 bikes, they had to get back to Kuwait and order the parts.
but Thanks god they are back to complete their trip again

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