أمس مجيف طلعت مقلب (منطقة جبلية في فرنسا)  . كنا بنروح نتغده هناك ، بس المدينه خالية ما فيها أحد ، كل المطاعم و الكافيهات صاكة ، كاتبين راح يفتحون في آخر يونيو (23 يونيو) و بعضهم في اول يوليو

Yesterday we went to Megeve (France) to have launch there, but the place was like a ghost town , everything was closed, restaurants, cafes and even the stores. Most of them have signs on their doors saying they will open in the 23rd of June and some by July

ردينا جنيف تغدينا هناك
We went back to Geneve and had launch there


bin3agul said…
Laish ? ako shay sayer this yr ?
Me Blogging said…
No mo sayer shay, they close each year in may and june, ejaza
fatooma said…
رحتلها وايد القعده فيها حلوه .. الكافيهات والحناطير والسيرك
فيها بعد الزحلاقيات الصيفيه بس الجهه الثانيه
يلا معوضين :) وبالعافيه
Alya said…
I love Megeve! They have some great shops there!

That's the worst thing about Europe :( These awful long vacations - Like Milan in August!

The past few years, when we're in France, we started checking for national holidays before making any long trips.
miss ghesquiere said…
well its because people usually go to megeve in the winter. its a ski resort town
Me Blogging said…
Sure, and its also open in july and august, for summer holidays
Anonymous said…
in love with Megeve amazing in winter snow w 3jeeba for hiking and ski i recommend this place in winter between x-mas till first of march

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