I'm in Khaleejesque

مجلة خليجسك على الإنترنت (الغير مطبوعه) مقابليني

I have been interviewed by the newly revamped online magazine Khaleejesque


Anonymous said…
Mashallah... I did not know that u have an NBA, where did u get ur degree from? Kuwait wella min barra? What university and do u recommend it?
Sn3a said…
Ma sha Allah
Mnha lel a3la ya rab
Looove ur blog;*
Alya said…
Loved reading it ;)
Anonymous said…
I love your blog! mashallah its amazing that you managed to get this successful, while everyone's still referring to you as "meblogging" and not your real name :-)
I think I'll try that, and if my blog turns out good, I'll send you the link :-)
Anonymous said…
mabrook :> great designer & photographer while being down to earth.

what camera series do you use?
Me Blogging said…
Anonymous1: From Kuwait University
I can't say I recommend getting an MBA, it depends on what you want to do with it? Is it going to help you reach a specific goal or place then do it

ana as i mentioned, kint mitwahga mani gadra a6la3 min el 7ikoma so kamalt

Last anonymous: my camera is Canon 450D

Thank you all for following the blog
DoDoq8 said…
Mashlah love the interviw

and thanks for being here in your blog for us
Anonymous said…
Hi great blog where did u get the laptop table from?
Anonymous said…
Hahaha love the last anonymous question. Yeah, I wonder where did you get your pillows too.

Me Blogging said…
Got the laptop table from The One looooong time ago I don't know if they still have it, it's breakfast table actually

An last anonymous :) the white pillows?you could get them from any where dear, those were from Zara
Anonymous said…
I was being sarcastic :) but kudos to your humbleness.


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