Going to Nice

فوق جم صورة للبوتيكات في كان

above some picture of Boutiques in Cannes

و باجي صور لنيس

and the rest are pictures of Nice

هذا المستشفى الذي ولدت في أنجلينا جولي التوأم في نيس

Lenval hospital in Nice, Where Angelina Jolie gave birth to her twins


Unknown said…
wow!!! Enjoy your trip !!!
More pictures pls !! ;)

Have you ever heard about HERÔME care products ??
Plz let me know by leaving a comment on my last post !!
Euphoria said…
I miss Cannes!! Enjoooy :)
Carousel said…
What a marvelous trip! Hope you enjoy it ;)

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