Friday Gathering - without us

توه وصلوني هذول الصور من بنت خالتي نون ، يمعة اليوم بدونا

Just got these pictures from my cousin N, as they take pictures of the gathering without us


Anonymous said…
Dear girl in pic no.1

PLEEEEEEEEEZZZZZZ say where u got your entire outfit from!!!

I LOVE the top!
Anonymous said…
Loved the grey dress .... from where ?

I am pregnant and donno from where i get some clothes ..

Any clues ?
Ansam said…
Yes.. details, the necklace and outfit of the first model heheh :D Also I wanna know about the lady in the end, love her pants and top!
oh yes
the pants from where ?
Latifa said…
I seriously love your style ladies....the elegant outfit ever...keep posting more about the outfit and from where you get them please..
Me Blogging said…
they have to answer you, coz ma adre min wain
Anonymous said…
The last outfit, I love the pants, necklace, and blazer.
Its very subtle!

can you please post the last outfit details

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