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FaceTime: Our new discovery

 تونا مكتشفين خدمة الفيس تايم العجيبة الموجودة على الأيفون 4 ، المكالمات الفيديو
 اوووه وناسه ، كل جم يوم داقيين على خالتي و هواش على الكاميرا ، كل وحده تبي تبين بالصورة
و أخوي بعد ندقله (يدرس بره) بس عن طريق الأيباد 2 ، الصورة أكبر ،كلنا نتيمع جدام الشاشه جنه  قاعد ويانا
كل إللي تحتاجونه أيفون 4 أو أيباد 2 وخدمة إنترنت  - الشخص المطلوب لازم يكون عنده أيفون بعد
من قائمة الأسماء طلعوا الشخص المطلوب و بعدين ضغطوا على 

We just discovered the amazing video calls available on iPhone 4 -  FaceTime 
Its so much fun, every now and then we call our aunt and all of us girls fight for the camera, we want to be visible in the small screen of iPhone
We also call my brother, who is studying abroad through iPad 2, which of course has a bigger screen
it feels like he is sitting with us
want to try Facetime? All you need is iPhone 4 or iPad 2 and an internet connection
Look for the person you want to call in the Contact list and click on FaceTime, and thats it, your on


3bady said…
tgdren t76en el 5dma 3la iphone 3gs b3d :)

bs t2thy ama tshofen el shasha aw t8lben el camera ;p
Shoug said…
It doesn't work here at kuwait (for phones). And the middle east. :(
Me Blogging said…
3bady: you are right, methel ma gelt moshkilat el camera

Shouq: It works in Kuwait, we called our aunt she is in Kuwait. bes akeed el normal phones don't work, its a MAC application
Shouq said…
Sorry i meant (iphones). I got an iphone four and Zain.. Facetime isn't working with me :(.
Is she Zain, too?
Me Blogging said…
she is, but she was connected with the Wi Fi at home
who you were calling? do they have an iPhone too? e7na mathalan ma gedarna endeg to mu aunt, because we didn't add 00965 to her number, try it, see what's missing
Anonymous said…
Taw enas ya om el technology
ya kerh eli etefalsfooon o ohom mo 3arfeen shay
Anonymous said…
looooooooooool ma3qola tawich tadreen!!
meblogging ur so sweet :*
Elizabeth said…
I love Facetime! Tango's also really good since you can use it from 3G to wifi so basically you can call from anywhere :) Quality's a bit low compared to Facetime though...
Me Blogging said…
Anonymous: Ana tawa sar 3endi ipohne

Elizabeth:yah i think facetime has a better quality
Mompedia said…
Tango and skype have video conference
So these are good alternatives for facetime
Marwa said…
meblogging : bil3afya 3aleech el-Iphone4 .

Ana 6ay7a bil facetime m3 9adeqaty ely barra elq8 or family members when they travel. wayed a7san min elmukalamt.. o espicially its FREE ! lol..

You can use it on 3G network alsom But you have to make jailbkreak to your Iphone. (Hacking) :P

o Binesba 7g Shoug, Tara I took 3 mobiles Iphone4 o 3 of them I faced problems the Third one was great. a5er wa7ed 6alabta min London.

awal Iphone4 I had back in October I bought it from Kuwait bs saweet lah update ra7 softwear elfacetime! check 3ala ur serial number fe ajheza emsaweenha for middle east mafeha facetime. yumkin jihazich mithel eljihaz ely shareta awal mara. GmbH

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