باجر بنروح كان ، أول مره لي ، بس حسافة مهرجان كان بكون خالص ، اليوم آخر يوم ، جان زين نشوف أحد من الممثلين بعده ما رد ديرته

Tomorrow we will be going to Cannes, I've never been there.
Too bad Cannes Festival will be over, it ends today, I hope we could see one of the celebraties that are still there


Ali said…
aaaaah cannes is simply amazing!

youve gotta try out the pizza place (damnit forgot its name! pizza somethin, theres like 2 of em on the beachy side), oh and dont forget to go to the island where the man in the iron mask was held at!
Unknown said…
كان وايد حلو و المحلات الي قبال مبنى الاحتفال كلها ماركات راح تستانسين
انا اول ما وصلت اهناك صورت على الدري " الدرج " للذكرى موتنسين
S said…
Enjooooy! u have to try Visovio next to FERRE, and on the beach side LE PIZZA i think! bas ITS THE BEST PIZZA! u'll see a looong queue:p , also in the morning there is a Morrocan cafe where Le Notre is, u have to try it! let le notre to ur right, contiue straight ahead, then 1st right too, its small 2 cafes infront of each other, u'll see a bold marrocan waiter:p

3alaikom bel 3afya;)

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