River Island Bags

Like Dolce and Gabbana

Like Celine


نزهاويه said…
مره شفت عندهم تقليد miu miu

بس جناطهم حلوين :)
Anonymous said…
soo what? not everybody can afford expensive bag and who cares expensive or not! they all loook the same n made in asiaa. do ur research of where all bags are made...fashion is not what it use to be
Me Blogging said…
laish m3a9ba ? :)

i know kilihom made in places allaho a3lam wain

bes ga3da agool they look like the original, bes 3ad dolce and celine ohma a97ab el modail

o malot river islad 7ilween, that is why i posted about them

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