بروح هولندا في شهر 5 ، أي إقتراحات لأماكن لازم أزورها ؟ هذي أول مره لي هناك و بنقعد 4 أيام

Will be going to the Netherlands in May for 4 days, any suggestions of places not to miss? This is my first time there


noura said…
The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam if your interested in art

Rotterdam (2nd largest city)
Anonymous said…
Must visit amnesia and barneys. Do not go to bulldog! ;p have fun lol
And watch out for pick pockets and thugs around red light district :)
lamia said…
Ann frank Museum in Amsterdam

take a boat tour in Amsterdam

go to the hague and visit the Mini Holland park

Take a picture in front of a ''coffee'' house
Ra-1 said…
رحت لها من زمان فما أذكر أسامي الأماكن :/

Have fun :)
Purgatory said…
Depends what you like to do, but 4 days is a short trip, May is usually a pleasant time, but sometimes can get the occasional wind and rain. Recommend you use the train for most of your travel, not sure where you would stay most but you get many places that can be of interest in Amsterdam (usual tourist spots), or Rotterdam (also nice to visit), Utrecht (old market and the dykes are good), Den Haag (the beach if good weather), or you can even go south to Limburg.

Recommend you try the pancake house which is available in most places, there is a nice Thai place behind the police station in central, close to the gementee of Rotterdam which is quite good, actually everywhere is nice, I go there twice a year.

Enjoy your time.
Farah said…
Go to Dam Square in Amsterdam; there you'll find Madam Tussaud's museum.
Me Blogging said…
Ohh thank guys and keep them coming
Anonymous said…
هذا تقرير مختصر عن امستردام
Ali said…
i went there just last december, so no idea about the weather. As for the places everything thats been said before + youve GOTTA try the 4D ice bar experience was amazing (-10*C inside, even though it was the same outside when i went :P)
Also people who go to amsterdam usually visit belgium too since from amsterdam to brussels is like an hour and a half in the train
Randy said…
Burger Meester in Amsterdam, shops at The Nine Streets, Puccini Bomboni chocolates, and Hilton on Apollolaan ... that's where my wife & I always stay ... the walk to the tram is magical ;)
chatterbox said…
اهم شي انج ماتطولين بامستردام لانها مملة روحي روتردام واااايد احلى
Anonymous said…
انصحج تروحين اوت لت بين المانيا وهولندا وايد حلو وترجعين لنا بالسلامه
hajar said…
Yeah meblogging is going to visit us! :D hahaha The weather is OK at this moment. Have fun and we will see the results of your trip. Btw.. is it a work trip or just for fun?
Anonymous said…
روحي المكان الي بالصوووره شكله عجيب
abeer-85 said…
i was there last summer.. it was beyond my expectations.. really nice place with very friendly and helpful people.. everyone speaks English fluently..
1.dam square and take a canal cruise
2. zaanse schans to see the windmills.. wats holland without windmills right ?, volendam this is like fishermen town u can take pictures in their traditional clothes, the cheese factory and wooden shoes factory.. these can all be done in one day
3. dan haag or the hague oo bl 3arabi lahai wayed 7elwa hl man6egaa for shopping plus u can visit the madurodam (mini europe park)
i've been to other places bs these r wat i liked most
u booked a hotel yet.. i have a few recommendations if u like
abeer-85 said…
el outlet esma
Maasmechelen village
Anonymous said…
Go to lieden corpus muesen 3ajeeeb google it.. If u like burgers i will recommend u to go to burger bar best burfer ever!!! Will sendu the address hmm what else? Ako garden illa tefta7 once a year neseet esmha its a must see o ako mat7aaaf 3ajeeb im sure u will like it its a purse muesm feeh more 5000 purse!! Yewanes
Anonymous said…
Stay somewhere around Dam square. You will find all of the shops and restaurants within a walking distance. Also if you are taking the boat trip make sure to avoid the red light district.
Thunayan said…
I suggest you take a visit to a place I have been to, it's called Vaals, Netherlands. And if you wanna stay there, there is a perfect resort called Landal hoog vaals it's accross the German border I remember I took a walk to Germany from the resort.
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