إينن ، صح؟
أبي أعيش هني
مهره محل يديد توه فاتح بالتلال (الشويخ) متخصص في  نفانيف السهرة إللي ماكو منها إلا قطعه وحده
إذا بتروحين المحل لازم تاخذين موعد قبل
تلفون: 22256120  - 22256130

Breathtaking, isn't it?
I want to live here
MUHRA is a newly opened boutique specialized in offering exclusive evening gowns
in order to visit the boutique you have to book an appointment first
call: (+965) 22256120/30

هذا مو نهاية البوست ، في تكمله باشر
Thats not all, more to come tomorrow


mimi said…
dear meblogging girl do you know the price range of their dresses ? between cham o cham taqreeban ?
Anonymous said…
Yasmin is ur name? Am I right ? I have seen the Marie Claire interview ;D
I was waiting for the Friday gathering post ! :(
anyways, this shop is worth a visit ! ;D
Anonymous said…
eee walla plz throri give us the price range! 3ashan maa anroo7 oo an3wir galbna itha their gonna be over priced :p
Me Blogging said…
they start from KD 400

and no my name is not Yasmeen :)
and the friday gathering post is coming
Anonymous said…

I was in the area few days ago & I loved the dresses on display.
I was surpriced that they were closed although it was only 8 pm!
I guess I know why by now ;p
Anonymous said…
مسا الخير
انا عجبني حييييل مهره
بس حبيت اعرف اسعارهم بحدود جم؟؟
وبس عندهم بدل سهره
مافيه عندهم للاستقبال؟ او بدل؟
ويعطيج العافيه على المدونة اللي اكثر من رائعه
ام عمر

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