I was invited by zain to attened the screening of the Egyptian movie Microphone
I totally loved the movie, the music, the scenes, and how some of the stories were told backword, or without order, I was surprised that people left the place, how could they get bored with such an interesting film, I wanted to stay till I go and see Khalid Abo AlNaga and tell him how amazing the movie was ( yes he was there) but it was almost 11:00 pm and we had to go back home

Read more about the movie here
I just CAN NOTt believe that they filimed the whole movie with a Canon 7D, is it true?

People we saw
Jassim Al-Nabhan
Mariam Al-Salih
Sameer Ghanim
Mishary Al-Balam
Zaina Karam
Hessa Al-Loughani

watch the trailer

I give it 9 out of 10
Everything was perfect the only thing that it's a bit long
All of the bands and songs featured in the movie were great, but that one stuck in my mind 


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