Our Friend E

T-Shirt Sauce Boutique - Dubai

Necklace - Pop up at 360 mall

shoe box shop

and the cute first bracelet from the expo. at Al-Rayal tomorrow is the last day - hvae to go there

Thank you E for leting me take pictures


AKF said…
Oh My Goodness...

Me Blogging you have just completely made my day!

That's one of my handmade necklaces! I feel like my face is going to rip in half, I'm smiling so large!

Thank you MeMe's friend E!
Anonymous said…
She needs to lose weight.. Can't picture her images to be published in a Vogue magazine any time soon.. ;p
Anonymous said…
lovely smile :)

Me Blogging said…

This is not a vogue magazine

Yes she a has lovely smile
q8arteriors said…
love u EEEEE a7la smile o a7la thooq wili moo 3ajba y6eg rasa b akbarha 6oofa

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