Ibrah in Marie Claire

مقابله إبره في مجله ماري كلير الكويت - إبريل

Ibrah is now in Marie Claire Kuwait - April's issue


Anonymous said…
Congrats! :) can't wait to read it! minha lel'a3la inshala
Sn3a said…
حبيت المانشيت في المجلة
منها للاعلى ان شاءالله
LadyB_Q8 said…
Yaaay, Looking forward !
Noon said…
I've been following your blog and admiring Ibrah's accessories all the time but I didn't know you were the artist behind it.. I love your work.. has a very neat finishing and is very stylish..
سبمبوت said…
It was my pleasure featuring you in the magazine. You girls are what we look for in Marie Claire.

Wish you all the best,

Sara AL Mukaimy
Head Editor, Local sections
Marie Claire
Confashion said…
MC has beat me to the chase ;P
Looking forward to more creations
Me Blogging said…
San3a: me too :)

Noon: yes hatha e7na :)

Sara: thannk you

ohh no confashion your thing is different, and i still have hope we will have time to do it
Anonymous said…
How about posting the pictures from the article if possible, since I am from Dubai & they only have Marie Claire - UAE" here..

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