لكل من سألني عن الحنه ، تسويها وحده إسمها شاهين ، تيي البيت

for all of you who asked about the Henna
it was done by a lady called Shaheen, she comes to your home
Tel: (665) 783-72


hanoo said…
cute I like it :D
Dunia said…
looks cool in this picture. my only concern is when the Henna fades away .. does it turn red?
mimi said…
my problem with black henna is when it starts fading away
the gray color makes my hand look dirty
NafNoof's said…
Loved it and did it immediately ;D Thanx for posting the lady's number :)
Anonymous said…
Shnu Katben 3leh Bl Hnde ?
Akhaf a76a oo Y6l3 Ena elli Tsweh
Hndous Aw Shy chthie Oo Y6l3 KAtba
Shy Ykhr3;P
jaz said…
i luv it .. i wana ask about the ring brand n where can i find it ?
Unknown said…
looks Hebrew ?
its really unique the xoxo
Anonymous said…
وااااااااو وايد حلو بس عزيزتي شنو مكتوب على ايدج صايدني فضوول أبي اعرف شنو مكتوب بالهندي :P

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