Friday Gathering

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mariam said…
can i know from where the white dara3a am looking for a gift for my mother and if you have any recommendation for dra3a places plz ?
Anonymous said…
Please B3rf Mn Wain El Swar Elli B Pic 8 Yshweeg mani Gadra algah
Me Blogging said…
Ma dare wall a min wain

Check Haifa at qurtoba coop and in shuwaikh
52 degree
Pop up shop in 360 mall
Me Blogging said…
Ma dare akeed ako Mina fe ma7alat elthahab
E7na min el hind
Anonymous said…
mnora ala
al9ara7a raw3aa wdy akoon ma3akm al9ara7aaa :P
awal 9ora alsa3a shhnoo ehyaa plz :*
luv u wlah la2nch waaw :*
7abet lblogs mnch wlah
and wdy asa2l what's your camera ?
o bs :**
DoDoq8 said…
wooow kl yoom ym3a ashof afkar mnch ydeda

7bet fkrat el tv 3bale m9wra
mthe3at elw6n, it mach with the coulers :P
Anonymous said…
a7isich Chiara Ferragni enis5ah likwaiteyah ;p
TarTar said…
al9ara7a shawaa8teny asawy blog o0 sawet blog tawny mbtad2a :P
mray 3leha ehya le al7en ma feha ashya2 wayed enshlah nt3alam mnch :*
o l9waaar 7adhm 3ajebeen et'hablon wlah :*****
Anonymous said…
Hi .. love your blog
u have an amazing sense of style
i loved the nail polish in the first pic .. where did u get it from
best wishes
Anonymous said…
Wow i luved il white pants, if i may ask mn wayn?
Anonymous said…
Mashalaaaaaa kelkom ethblooooon ana a weedy a3rf awl pic elgaaalb ( elslslaa) meeen weeen? Othaanx:)
shoosh said…
i liked aldress almlawan elle waraha watan tv men wen ??
also 7abet dress albent ele labsa home made chocolate men wen ;)

allah la yfargkom ;*
LadyB_Q8 said…
I got the orange blazer and was planning to team it with pink as well :p
Anonymous said…
dear me blogging,,

i've noticed that every one is asking about the displayed items in each friday gathering post, mo ligafa but because ur readers (including me) love what they see also knowing the brand will make lot of people follow it and check it's latest collection since they like it's style.
so i kindly suggest that u indicate the basic peaces in each pic just like any proffessional fashion magazine coz ur blog is kinda official fashion blog:))

best regards,
mariam ;*
Me Blogging said…
adre bes ana etha ma ketabt ya3ni ahali ma yaboni agol min wain, maihkalif , ana 6albeen mini ene ma akteb, bes elwa7ed lama yeshoof yakheth inspiration ena shlon yrakib mo shar6 nafs el brands

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