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Friday Gathering - Paper


LadyB_Q8 said…
Omg, Wonderful idea meme !
Loved it !
amazing and fresh as usual !
Sn3a said…
waay etyannenooon ma sha Allah 3alaikom!!!
Anonymous said…
what or where is NECRA?
S.N.R said…
Loved the Necklace in pic.11 and 12(the one given as a gift), could you please email me the designer name.. ??

Thank you
Anonymous said…
Loved this ! so creative keep up the wonderful quirky work!
SB xx
Anonymous said…
waaaw mashallah 7adkom thabloon w kha9tan u me blogging.. keep going :d
Ghazoya said…
wow love ur idea's, ur so creative mashallah !
Alaa said…
LOVE the concept!
Anonymous said…
Fastidious Babe said…
loved it!!!! fab pix, and a great idea xox
HESSA said…
MASHALLA kil shay perfect
may I ask about your camera?
and what is NECRA i googled it but didnt find it
Me Blogging said…
Lady B + Sn3a + SB + Ghazoya

thank you  that was my sister’s idea for this week

Its Negra, I think it means black in Spanish
The brand name is
I love Negra or I heart Negra , or was it written in French? J’ heart Negra
Anyway she got it from Spain, fa ma adre etha mawjoda aw la hni

I don’t know the designer name sorry

Anonymous : Hiiiiiii Lame girl

Canon D450
Its Negra (I love Negra) Spanish brand
sara said…
loool el9ora ele katben feha akeed et3arfon men wain :p men zara 3ende nafsa bs pink :)
Yona said…
amazing concept ;)
LooL lama garait Negra I though the old Negra complex in hawalli I was amazed gelt WOW 3endihom sowalif 7elwa heheheheheheh
Anonymous said…
whats the brand of the watch that ur cousin (ely mo mt7jba) wearing ?
mimi said…
fantastic idea meblogging :)
keep up the good work

anon#4 : maby aseb 3alashan meblogging ma tez3al bas i'll say this, ma7ad lame '3eerech/'3erek .. i'm sure if you are a girl that you would be copying all the outfits you see here bs msawya roo7ech kelesh
AKF said…
Ahh! Cute cute cute cute!

I love this idea. You get more and more creative by the day!
Sara's Wishes said…
ماشاءالله عليج
انا كنت استمتع وانا اتابع بلوقج يوم كنت متغربه فامريكا
وصج انتي حببتيني فالكويت
^.^ يعطيج العافيه
DoDoq8 said…
Love it Love it

amazing idea
Anonymous said…
ماشاء الله عليكم روعه
حبيبتي الكعب الكحلي من وين
شكله مريح :)
Anonymous said…
ana mnora ala ::
hiii ambee wlah malyoon maraa shft lblog o ma maleet al9ara7aa raw3aa bs plz bsa2l al5ataam ely labsetah ely ehdomha men necra men wen ?? o thanxxxx o enshlah emtaab3tch 3la 6ool :**
Anonymous said…
eyjaaaanen el shaaaay !
Anonymous said…
hi for s.n.r i hane like this neckles its from our home shop in hawaly their number is 99446448
Anonymous said…
hi...... for s.n.r eho is asking about the picture 11- 12 i have like this neckles its from our home shop in hawaly their number is 99446448
Anonymous said…
hiiii love ur blog
plz abi el wide pants el blue plzzzz men wain ??? GmbH

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