Friday Gathering - Missing You

Missing you B , E and cousin Z
B and E are out of town and cousin Z is visiting her friend

 Alexander McQueen skulls ring
Chanel Ring

Thank you Lamya's Bakery for the Baqsam

We give it 8.6 out of 10


I wish they were smaller, so I could try every kind

ma y3eeba shay, they taste good

This is not baqsam, it has oil in it, but anyways they are good

 Lamya's Facebook
For orders call or message: 00965 - 99935259
or Email:

 Necklace: Bait Lothan - Made in Turkey

Cardigan: Mango
Dress: Uterque

My 7 years old cousin took these pictures of me, thank you Bader

Dress: Noon

This flower is made from plastic spoons- made by Bader

6ab3an lazim ensawer aghratha - this is his Laptop, cool lights

Bye Bye


Anonymous said…
LOL nice captures

jazz said…
very nice turkish necklace. is it from beit lothan shop or was it an exhibition?
Anonymous said…
tha7a6kteny lesh 8.6 ! ...wala ana thaygeta o aqayma 9.9 :)
Mudz Mush said…
Mashallllllllllllllllah <3
DoDoq8 said…

i dont now your cuzens D,E,B bs a7s

fa8den some one bel post
Anonymous said…
ماشاءالله عليكم والله لايغير عليكم
عجبتني جنطتج ممكن أعرف شنو ماركتها؟
Anonymous said…
may i know the brand of the silver sandals
Anonymous said…
7abit ur fiting..
and nice bag ;)
Anonymous said…
Lovely post. Love the plastic lotus flower, mashallah so creative.
Anonymous said…
عجبتني الشوز السلفر ممكن اعرف شو ماركتها

والله يهنيكم
Me Blogging said…
Jazz: shop, don;t know if they still have things like that, min ziman mo ray7a

Anonymous 2: ehehhehe makhtha el average

DoDoq8: :)

jan6ete min Marni - winter 2010

and the silver shoes from Robert Clergerie
Anonymous said…
What you want every week m9awrtlna lbsich ..!!! Shno ya3ni a7na cool ??

A7es ena antay she3eya :D loooooool i don't know why !!! :p
Me Blogging said…
Eeee 7adna cool

O Ethan shee3eeya ? 3indich e3terath?
Anonymous said…
Anonmyous ( 8 )
Sna OR She3a MAku Frg Klna Kuwaiteen ,,, alla Ykhleena enshalla oo Yb3d 3na el Ftna ;;*
Anonymous said…
No, there is a difference water and oil cannot be mixed.. Get the big picture now..! ;p
Just A Bunch said…
ma sha Allah, he's quite a photographer! (unless you edited/cropped some pix?? xD)
like his keyboard!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pic of that Mango cardigan with the magazine! It's awesome! love the whole outfit, ma sha Allah!

ohhh, & LOVE those rings! :D
Anonymous said…
Yes 3ndi a3tera'9 .. What are you going to do !!
Me Blogging said…
Ma agdara asawe wallah shay, bes abe afham laish mi3tartha? shino yafreg shino math-hibi? El blog mala 3elaga bhal shay
Suger Taste said…
هاي مي بلوجنج ..
انا واختي من اشد المعجبين والمتابعين باللي تنزلينه بالبلوج
من زماااااان نتابعج ونتناقش عن بوستاتج
يعجبنا ستايلج ..
بالنسبه لي احلى شي عندي الجاذرينج..احب اشوف شلابسه
عندي طلب صغنون
خاااااااطري اعرف شلون تلفين شيلتج .. لفاتكم حلوووه ومااعرف الفهم مثلكم..
يمكن تستغربين من طلبي بس لأن احنا فالدوحه نلبس عبايه واذا سافرنا نلبس مثلكم تقريبا :)
واااااي احس طلبي صعب يتنفذ

Suger Taste

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