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Engagement + Birthday Party

أختى و يا صديقاتها بالدوام فجأوا رفيجتهم  بحفله صغيرة بمناسبه عيد ميلادها و خطبتها بنفس الوقت
خذينا المكان المخصص للمناسبات في مطعم بي أف شانغ بالأفنيوز
إنصدمنا إن في مجموعة بنات ثانين يمنا و الفاصل بينا بس ستاره !!! ستارة شفافه بعد ، وين الخصوصية ، شالفايده ماخذينها
بس طول القعده إحنا نطالعهم و أهما يطالعونا

My sister and her friends at work organized a small party for to celebrate their friends birthday and engagement at the same time
we booked the VIP room in P. F.Change restaurant at the avenues
We were surprised to find another group of girls in the same place we are in, only divided by a sheer curtain
where is the privacy??? whats the point of having the VIP room if we have someone with us?
we stayed the whole time looking at them and they are looking at us

لا تخافون ، مو إللي في بالكم هذا المشروب من تمر ينباع في بتيل - مارينا مول
كلش ما عجبني ، ما ادري شلون حتى أوصف طعمه ، الغريبه البنات كلاهم عجبهم ، أنا قالولي  حالي ، ما في وله نقطة حلاة

 its not what you think it is :) Its a Date Drink sold at Bateel - Marina Mall
I didn't like it at all, the girls loved it, I can't even describe what it taste like, someone told me it was a very sweet drink, but it's totally not

الطرحة :) كيووت مو صح ، التاج من كلييرز و التور خيطناه علي ، لبسناه إياه و حيل تشكشك بالصور 
ألحين التاج عندها و أي أحد بتزوج عقبها تنقله لها و تلبسها إياه ، اوووه توني أنتبه ، نفس ملكات الجمال ، ينتقل من وحده للي بعدها

The loved the veil, so cute, we bought the tiara from Claire's and attached the tulle to it
Now the tiara is with her, then when one of the girls will get married she will pass it on to her
Ohhh I just noticed, it's like in beauty pageants, when miss world pass the tiara to the next winner

الكيكة من نوفمبر بيكري
و الكيكه النتفه إللي عليها الخاتم من اوبرا :) ما لقينا صندوق صغير نحط في الخاتم

the cake is from November Bakery
and the tiny cake on top with the ring on it is from Opera, we didn't find a small box to place the ring in

It was a crazy night
thank you all for coming

و سلامتكم 


Anonymous said…
So "westernized" we lost the scent and the authentic traditional Kuwaiti ways of celebrations, and oh yeah cheers!! "If we don't stand for something, we'll fall for anything" ;)
Anonymous said…
I really think that Me Blogging should be seeking some therapy and talk to a shrink, Who really care about this stuff..!!! Loool I really think that your ego is playing a major role on your outburst thoughts.. Quite right Anonymous (1) I think Me Blogging lost her Mojo in la la land..!!! =D

(CHEERS..) =p
Anonymous said…
it's a post or a piece of heaven
luv luv luv <3

allah ywafejha wel fal lech ;)

can i ask a ques. ?
mnain el solitaire-ra ;) ?
Me Blogging said…
Aham Shay elbnaya mistansa , thank you for following me
Sn3a said…
Ma sha Allah Alla ehanneeha
Ana estanst famabalch 9a7bt l monasaba
5osh friends entaw
Allah e5aleekm el b3th;***
nshoof ur cake soon ya rb
Anonymous said…
بأي كنيسه بتسوون عرسها؟
Anonymous said…
and again lovely pictures. We don't hade champaigne for moslims in the Netherlands i would love to try the moslim-version lol.
Good work, God bless you
Me Blogging said…
Thank u

Ba3ad ay kaneesa? Ele yam el shareton mako ghair-ha
laila said…
keeep keeeeep goin i luve the pictures and everythin'. mshalla
Anonymous said…
Lol hal bottle from Bateel 7a6olley eyyah eb '3orfetey fi Raffles hotel b Dubai,, loool knt a7asba mashrob ;p
LadyB_Q8 said…
Anonymous 1 & 2:
If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all!
you don't enter ones house and trash it, you don't like just bite your tonges !
It's her blog, her own space she doesnt whatever she wants to do , you don't intrude on her own space and bark orders at her don't like it then the top right corner has a red box just press it and leave !

Dear Meme : you're doing a wonderful job don't you ever let those losers get to you, they're just green with envy , love you lots :*
7aneen said…
lol aham shay the westernized comments,, what did we run out of comments now..

Cute pix,, ma 9awartay PF Changs food ;P
Anonymous said…
Thouqer said…
وكل عام واختج وانتي واهلج بخير يا رب
Slaytar said…
Congadulations, and its a wonderful gesture from your sister and her friends from work.

thanx for the post nice pics
Anonymous said…
congrats! love the cakes and the flower
Rona said…
shaklaa wanasa Allah ewafeqhaa in sha2 allah :) o 3oqbaaal el 3ayzen. love ur blog

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