Dresses with trousers

شخباري ... لبسنا و خلصنا


Yona said…
Maybe the designers in Paris, London and New York saw us in their streets and really liked what they saw ! to tell the truth ! il Q8tiat im7ajebat are mostly (not all !) fashion super-stars ;)
Anonymous said…
meblogging, kel mala o il ajanib etisatiroon akthar oo il 3arab etifa9ikhon more .. dont you think?
Katkoota xD said…
this time their trend came from us :P
Aqeela Hussain said…
eee wallah.. lol
men zaman labseen o 5al9een =P
Anonymous said…
arab girls rock in fashion!
specially girls from kuwait,uae, ksa and qatar :)
Anonymous said…
first they made fun of us, now they r copying us

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