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About Me


I'm planning to work on (About Me Blogging) page this week, but before I do that, do you have any questions for me that you would like to ask? Or is there anything you want to know about me? That might help a lot in developing the page.




Anonymous said…
Get a life.. ;)
Me Blogging said…
Ohh do tell me how?
OverDressed said…
what do you do for a living, like your job
Anonymous said…
name, age, job, tell us about your fav brands and shops, your personality..
Anonymous said…
ur golas for having this blog,
and your future plans.

ignore the rude ppl and move on..
Luv u:**
mimi said…
Little funny details like

Favourite color
Favourite food
Super powers ? Lol

U know :) fun stuff

@anonymous #1 : go f*ck urself
Me Blogging said…
Wee mimi , china mala da3e negool chethe, anonymous rayha, maikhalif
DoDoq8 said…
your are amazing, me and one of my freind always wish that we can see you and meet you i think you have a good personalty.

just keep going in what your doing
Anonymous said…
Malich sh'3il ib anon 1 we love u!!
1. Ur favorite brand?
2. heels or flat?
3. Straight or curly?
7aneen said…
What motivated you to really start blogging and how did you decide what to blog about.. ?

Role models (blogs/bloggers and people {fashion-wise}))
Anonymous said…
r u married ?
mimi said…
Me blogging: that anon#1 ba6at/ba6 chabdi !!! LooL
I should be able to express myself just like she/he did
It's a free space right ? ;p
Me Blogging said…
Heheheh ee walla :) bes ya3ni , china gaweya :p
sara said…
OHH MY GOOD Anonymous why r u even visiting this blog!!!!..
mashalla ur doing a great job keep it up..
one more if possible can you write us at least once a week and educate us about shopping, resturants and all kind of hidden places of Q8 :)
Anonymous said…
السلام عليكم

سوال يدور في بالي

شلون اتطيحين على الشغلات الحلوه بمواقع الشوبينق؟

يعني مثلا انا اقعد افتر بالسايت لمن ازهق وماحصل شي

تصدقين عاد صرت اشوف مدونتج واتسوق منها

ماشالله ذوقج حلوو

وشكرا والى الامام دائما
Anonymous said…
shno gal anon # 1 laish ilkil 7a6 3li ??
lolwa said…
info about u :) we all want to know u better \ like ur job / from where did u graduated/ how much budget did u spend monthly >> feni fthol about u lol >> coz really u have a great personality + wayed m7trma fe rdodich

hope the best for u and ur blog

Anonymous said…
السلام عليكم
اول شي ماعليج من السخيفه اللي فوق بطت جبدي شكو داشه دام مو عاجبج
ثانياً انا اذا مادشيت البلوق اكثر من مره احس ناقصني شي احسج قريبه حيل مني مثل اخت او رفيجه ماشاءالله عليج
حبيت اعرف شغلات تتعلق بمبادئج بالحياه شرايج بحال البشر الحين
أمور شخصيه حيل ما أحبذ احتراماً لخصوصياتج
ويعجبني ستايلج حيل وودي اعرف من وين تتسوقين
وهل دايماً عندج خطط قبل التسوق ولا كأغلب الحريم التسوق بلاهدف
وبس وإلى الأمام
ام خلودي
على فكره عندي بلوق بس للأسف مهجور يعني شلون تلقين وقت تنزلين بوستات
وااااي شكثر قرقت 
mimi said…
Me blogging: bas le meta nkon nice to those haters w as the last anon said entay our sister w just like ur sister ma ar'9a 3alech .. w sorry for my bad language bs my blood started boiling when i read that comment

Ur amazing .. Dont let the haters change ur kind soul

One more thing : can u give urself a nickname we can call u with instead of (me blogging girl) ? :)
Anonymous said…
eee walla get a life ...:D
Abeer said…
ambeeh abi a3arif elly mo 3ajibhom shako ydishon ur blog !! well i think they are the ones who should get a life !!!!!! just ignore the heters coz you rock girl
Anonymous said…
I love your blog and I find your friday gathering post is one of your best posts.I wish if u could give more attention to other issues such as food in Q8 , life style and places for travelling.
Anonymous said…
Why am the only one whom find that anonymous get a life comment is funny?

Anonymous said…
i think i want to Know this thing about u :
1- عرفينا عن حالك يا ميمي و عن لمحة عن حياتك
2-كيف بيبلش يومك
3- حكينا شوي عن مشروع ابرة و كيف قدرتي انك توازني بين بيتك و وظيفتك و مشروعك الشخصي
4- للاشخاص الي حابين يبلشوا مدونة شو بتنصحيهم لحتى يشهروا مدونتهم
5- حكينا عن ميمي برجك - لونك- حيوان المفضل - الفنانين و الاغاني المفضلة لديكي
6- شو طموحاتك بالحياة
لسة عندي كتيرررررررر أسئلة
Anonymous said…

I am sooooo into your blog. Somehow it feel that it is life changing.

I would like to know what is you blog email please coz I hav a long thing to say ;D cheers
Anonymous said…
Hahaha am so loving the responses. Min Sijjjjkum?!? Give the woman some privacy!

Anonymous said…
your favorite online stores for clothing furniture.... etc anything u usually order from :)
Anonymous said…
sorry but u have a boring life "m" mako hadaf eb7ayatech makoo 6mo7 o ba3dain motha o decore ok kelina en7eb el motha o hasowalef bs ham etshedna ashyaa nestfeed menha "knowledge" in any field.
9ej get a life and make something useful
Su said…
@Anon: Why not enlighten us then since you're the knowledgeable and intellectual one here? Just because meblogging likes to blog about fashion and interiors *like any NORMAL woman* doesn't make it okay for you to assume that she's "shallow" and that she needs to get a life. Rather than trolling, how about you get a life?

@meblogging: Keep up the good work.
jazz said…
I love it the way it is.. simple! dont complicate it ;)
Anonymous said…
Sorry ladies and gentlemen, I didn't mean to make it that complicated the context to Get a life.. Relates to more than one concept so that's why you had the opportunity to express it in your own words and it showed me a lot. Let her be, Me Blogging, Mimi and any other person who was offended with what I said was just only trying expressing their freedom of speech.. We live in a democratic country.. So no harm done.. ;)

Anonymous: Number one.
coffee-42 said…
I used to check ur blog from time to another from my office. I like ur friday gathering's posts alot. & I enjoy talking with my coworkers about ur posts.

I just like everything here. Good luck :)
Anonymous said…
i just dont understand why some anonymous people attack bloggers! if you dont like a blog then just dont read it, its easy!

just ignore them, your blog is unique in its own way and i love your friday gatherings too

would you consider switching to wordpress?
Noonee said…
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Thanks alot ! i reall enjoy ur blog Sooo much! GmbH

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